Black plastic disposable point and shoot film camera, with cyan, yellow and magenta looking stripe pattern.

Disposable Point & Shoot Film Cameras: 2023 Updated Summary Overview

Nearly six years after the initial exploration in 2017 (has it been that long?), we once again find ourselves delving into the world of disposable...

/ 12th June 2023
Ilford Ortho Plus 35mm film box and canister

Iford Ortho Plus 35mm Black and white film

Back in October 2019, Ilford announced the release of a brand new orthochromatic black and white film, called Iford Ortho Plus. The film is rated...

/ 18th January 2020
Ektachrome film carton

It’s Finally Here! Kodak EKTACHROME E100 Film Arrives on Planet Earth

After, what seems like, the wait of a lifetime, Kodak’s EKTACHROME E100 colour reversal, slide, positive, transparency, call it what you like, film has finally...

/ 26th September 2018
Pentaxt point and shoot film camera

Pentax Zoom 105 Super, Feature Packed with Multi-Macro

Feature-packed camera, with multiple macro modes & continuous as well as step zoom lens functions.

/ 12th April 2018
camera montage

Point & Shoot Film Cameras Review of the Year, New Films and a Camera

2017 brought us new 35mm camera films and even a new film camera. Overview of point and shoot film camera news and reviews from the...

/ 29th December 2017
Kodak Retinette i, Type 030

Kodak Retinette I, Type 030, Vintage Compact Film Camera

Kodak Retinette I, Type 030 is a 1950s vintage 35mm film Camera, with a large viewfinder and a quirky film advance lever.

/ 20th October 2017
Ilford disposable camera

Round-up of, Single-Use, Disposable Film Cameras

Round-up of some 35mm disposable, or single-use, compact point & shoot film cameras, from Ilford, Kodak, Fujifilm and others.

/ 19th September 2017
Polaroid Camera

New Polaroid camera and instant film format

Polaroid is back with a brand new instant camera and instant film range, including colour and black & white, known as Polaroid Originals.

/ 15th September 2017
Polaroid 'The Reporter' Land Camera

Do Digital/Film Hybrid Cameras Change the Rules of Instant Photography?

Many instant film cameras are certainly point & shoot and some are even compact. But how about the newer digital/film hybrid cameras?

/ 23rd May 2017