The Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom point and click film camera is a 35mm autofocus lens shutter camera with built-in flash and (as the name implies) a zoom lens.

The first thing that I noticed when picking up the Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom, is that it is a comfortable size. Many of the more ‘modern’ point and shoot film cameras have been quite small, with awkward controls and tiny viewfinders. At the same time it is not loo large and bulky. The Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom gets the size about right for liking. It would still fit into jacket pocket, although probably not a jeans pocket.

Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom Specifications

The lens ranges from 38mm to 76mm, at f/4.2 to f/7.8, comprising of 6 elements in 6 groups. The zoom range is 24mm x 36mm and focus distance is from 0.6m to infinity.

Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom film camera

The Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom

Like many more modern 35mm zoom point and shoot film cameras, such as the Ricoh RZ-728, Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED and even the prime lens Olympus mju II/Stylus Epic, the Canon SureShot 76 Zoom has a real-image viewfinder. This covers around 84% of the actual picture area.

Film speed is set automatically using DX code data and this cannot be manually set. The ISO ranges from 25 up to 3200, which is a very wide range. Film loading, advance and rewinding is automatic and it is also possible to rewind film mid-roll. I was unable to check whether the film is wound completely back into the canister.

The Canon SureShot 76 Zoom has the usual basic settings, fully automatic, flash and the ability to disable the flash completely (always a popular feature around here). There is also a self-timer, with ten-second delay.

Using the Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom

The controls on the Canon SureShot 76 Zoom are basic, but also easy to use. There is one large dial on the back which turns the camera on and off and also clicks between fully automatic mode, self timer, force flash to fire and disable flash completely. The other ‘auto’ mode appears to be a red-eye feature, but I was unable to confirm this.

The viewfinder is large and fairly clear and the zoom controls are easy to use and smooth in operation. Focus doesn’t feel as fast as I’d like, but it’s certainly usable and probably comparable with most of the other cameras reviewed here.

And that’s pretty much it. The Canon SureShot 76 Zoom is a basic 35mm film point and shoot zoom camera. But that’s not a bad thing. It may not be as ‘fully featured’ as some compact zoom film cameras, but what it lacks in features, it makes up for in usability.


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