Category: Instant Film Cameras

Instant film cameras have a long pedigree, ranging from old rangefinder focussing Land cameras, which took the now defunct peel apart pack film, through to the modern Instax cameras and instant films from Fujifilm. From a point and click point of view, instant cameras and instant films appear to be making a resurgence, alongside the apparent increase in popularity of analogue film photography in general, as shown by the release of new films. This section will try and provide news and reviews of these as and when we can.

Polaroid Camera

New Polaroid camera and instant film format

Polaroid is back with a brand new instant camera and instant film range, including colour and black & white, known as Polaroid Originals.

/ 15th September 2017
Polaroid 'The Reporter' Land Camera

Do Digital/Film Hybrid Cameras Change the Rules of Instant Photography?

Many instant film cameras are certainly point & shoot and some are even compact. But how about the newer digital/film hybrid cameras?

/ 23rd May 2017