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The content in the Features section focuses on more general topics of interest for users of point and shoot film cameras. It is more likely to focus on content which is of more long term use, or might function as reference information, or perhaps just general interest.

Black plastic disposable point and shoot film camera, with cyan, yellow and magenta looking stripe pattern.

Disposable Point & Shoot Film Cameras: 2023 Updated Summary Overview

Nearly six years after the initial exploration in 2017 (has it been that long?), we once again find ourselves delving into the world of disposable...

/ 12th June 2023
Ilford disposable camera

Round-up of, Single-Use, Disposable Film Cameras

Round-up of some 35mm disposable, or single-use, compact point & shoot film cameras, from Ilford, Kodak, Fujifilm and others.

/ 19th September 2017
Polaroid Camera

New Polaroid camera and instant film format

Polaroid is back with a brand new instant camera and instant film range, including colour and black & white, known as Polaroid Originals.

/ 15th September 2017

Five Annoying Things About Point & Shoot Film Cameras

The top five most annoying features on point and shoot film cameras, including flash, ISO, power, noise and viewfinders.

/ 9th June 2016
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Best Point & Shoot Film Cameras, Top 5 Picks of the Year’s Reviews

Top 5 best point and shoot films cameras reviewed, at the cheaper end of the market, including compact film cameras and older point and click...

/ 24th December 2015

How Pocketable are Different Point & Shoot Film Cameras? Jacket Pocket Test

Testing how compact some point and shoot film cameras are, by seeing how easily they fit into a jacket pocket. The, not too serious, Point...

/ 8th December 2015
Ilford Delta film canister and packaging

ISO DX Codes on Point and Shoot Film Cameras

The limitations of cheap, or low-end, point and shoot film compact cameras and film ISO DX codes.

/ 7th November 2015
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Why Do Many Compact Film Cameras Have Prime Versus Zoom Lenses?

Prime lens or zoom, point and shoot film cameras? Why does there appear to be more prime lens compact film cameras, versus zoom lens point...

/ 23rd August 2015
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Why Use a Point & Shoot Film Camera? The good & the bad

Why choose to use a point and shoot film camera, as opposed to an SLR or a rangefinder? Advantages & disadvantages, the pros versus the...

/ 25th May 2015