Category: Zoom Lens Cameras

The following articles focus on point and shoot film cameras with zoom lenses. The optics in zoom lens compact film cameras have often tended to be not as highly regarded as those in prime lens point and shoot film cameras. That said, they have the advantage of a zoom lens. Generally these zoom cameras are more modern, with few of the vintage point and shoot film cameras being equipped with zoom lenses.

Pentaxt point and shoot film camera

Pentax Zoom 105 Super, Feature Packed with Multi-Macro

Feature-packed camera, with multiple macro modes & continuous as well as step zoom lens functions.

/ 12th April 2018
Pentax Espio 60s

Pentax Espio 60s, Comfortable & Easy to Use Film Camera

The Espio 60s is a light and comparatively modern 35mm Pentax point and shoot zoom film camera, with fast autofocus and four lens lengths

/ 23rd May 2016
Canon Sure Shot Zoom S

Canon Sure Shot Zoom S, Large, Noisy and Lots of Fun

The Canon Sure Shot Zoom S is a large, noisy and fun to use autofocus point and click 35mm film camera. It could also be...

/ 1st May 2016
Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom film camera

Canon Sure Shot 76 Zoom. Easy to Use Compact 35mm Camera

Review of the Canon SureShot 76 Zoom point and shoot film camera. Easy to handle and use compact film camera, with wide ISO film range.

/ 22nd April 2016
Yashica Zoomate 165 SE

Yashica Zoomate 165 SE (EF). It’s Got a Zoom Lens & Wants to be your Mate

Kyocera Yashica Zoomate 165 SE, which is apparently the same as the Yashica Zoomate 165 EF, is a zoom lens point and shoot compact film...

/ 17th February 2016
Nikon lite touch camera

Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom 130 ED, Small, Light, Compact Zoom Film Camera

Review of the Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED point and shoot zoom film camera. Gaudy buttons, but easy to use.

/ 6th October 2015
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Why Do Many Compact Film Cameras Have Prime Versus Zoom Lenses?

Prime lens or zoom, point and shoot film cameras? Why does there appear to be more prime lens compact film cameras, versus zoom lens point...

/ 23rd August 2015
Minolta Riva Zoom 115

Minolta Riva Zoom 115

User review of the Minolta Riva Zoom 115 point & shoot compact zoom film camera.

/ 3rd August 2015
Ricoh TF-200 camera

Ricoh TF-200, Two Focal Lengths, One Camera

Ricoh TF-200. Is it a zoom? Is it a prime? No it's a point and shoot film camera with two built-in, user switchable, lens focal...

/ 13th June 2015