After, what seems like, the wait of a lifetime, Kodak’s EKTACHROME E100 colour reversal, slide, positive, transparency, call it what you like, film has finally landed. Kodak originally announced the re-release of EKTACHROME, back in January 2017, however it has only just confirmed that the product is ready to ship.

Same same, but ever so slightly different?

According to Kodak Alaris, the new release of EKTACHROME E100 is based on the original formulation, but with ‘moderately enhanced color saturation’. No idea what that means, in practice.

This is all very good news for point and shoot film camera users and continues a trend for discontinued film products to be brought back from the ‘undead’. Earlier this year Kodak also brought back their high ISO T-MAX P3200 black and white negative film, a direct competitor to Ilfords Delta 3200 high ISO film.

Other film manufacturers have also been releasing new films and reviving old ones, in recent years, for example Bergger’s Pancro400 and Polaroid’s continuing support for their instant film formats, by releasing their i-Type instant film.

We look forward to yet more films and products for point and shoot film cameras in the not too distant future.

Posted by P&SFC