Photography of metalic looking point and shoot camera

Fujifilm DL Super Mini, Cardia Tiara | Compact & Usable Film Camera

The Fujifilm DL Super Mini, Cardia Tiara, is perhaps the smallest mainstream point and shoot film camera ever made. It may be compact, but it...

/ 28th November 2015
Ilford Delta film canister and packaging

ISO DX Codes on Point and Shoot Film Cameras

The limitations of cheap, or low-end, point and shoot film compact cameras and film ISO DX codes.

/ 7th November 2015
Nikon lite touch camera

Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom 130 ED, Small, Light, Compact Zoom Film Camera

Review of the Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED point and shoot zoom film camera. Gaudy buttons, but easy to use.

/ 6th October 2015
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Why Do Many Compact Film Cameras Have Prime Versus Zoom Lenses?

Prime lens or zoom, point and shoot film cameras? Why does there appear to be more prime lens compact film cameras, versus zoom lens point...

/ 23rd August 2015
Minolta Riva Zoom 115

Minolta Riva Zoom 115

User review of the Minolta Riva Zoom 115 point & shoot compact zoom film camera.

/ 3rd August 2015
Ricoh FF-9 camera

Ricoh FF-9, FF-7, Same Same or Different ?

What's the difference between the Ricoh FF-9 and the Ricoh FF-7 point and shoot film cameras? Review of the Ricoh FF 9 compared to the...

/ 14th July 2015
Ricoh Y-28 point and shoot film camera

Ricoh YF-28 Super, 28mm Lens On A No-Frills camera

Ricoh YF-28 Super, fixed focus point and shoot film camera, with a 28mm lens.

/ 18th June 2015
Ricoh TF-200 camera

Ricoh TF-200, Two Focal Lengths, One Camera

Ricoh TF-200. Is it a zoom? Is it a prime? No it's a point and shoot film camera with two built-in, user switchable, lens focal...

/ 13th June 2015
Olympus mju ii Stylus Epic with roll of Kodak Gold 100

Olympus mju II (Stylus Epic), Small Compact, Light & Easy to Use

Review of the Olympus mju II, Stylus Epic, a small compact, light and easy to use point and shoot film camera, with a 35mm, f2.8...

/ 5th June 2015