Ricoh RZ-728

Ricoh RZ-728 Compact Zoom Film Camera

The Ricoh RZ-728 is a very compact zoom-lens point and shoot film camera, with a 'real image viewfinder'.

/ 28th May 2015
Pile of point and shoot film cameras

Why Use a Point & Shoot Film Camera? The good & the bad

Why choose to use a point and shoot film camera, as opposed to an SLR or a rangefinder? Advantages & disadvantages, the pros versus the...

/ 25th May 2015
Minolta Prod 20’s

Minolta Prod 20’s, Retro Camera Design Before Retro

The Minolta Prod 20’s is a retro, limited edition, film point and shoot autofocus camera, with an art-deco inspired vintage design.

/ 22nd May 2015
Canonet QL17 GIII

Canonet QL17 GIII, Like the G19 With Go Faster Stripes

Canonet QL17 GIII camera has a faster 40mm lens, versus the Canonet QL19. But, when features are compared, how different are they really?

/ 21st May 2015

Review of Panasonic C-426AF – Unashamedly Few Features

Panasonic C-426AF camera review. An extremely simple point and shoot film camera, with a flash and daylight synchronisation mode.

/ 19th May 2015
Canonet QL19 camera

Canonet QL19 | Shutter Priority, 45mm, Quiet & Quick Loading

Contemporary review of the Canonet QL19 as a compact point and shoot, shutter priority, quiet, film rangefinder camera, with a 45mm lens.

/ 16th May 2015
Ricoh AF-77 camera

Ricoh AF-77, with Panorama… Kind of

User review of the Ricoh AF-77 compact film camera. A point and shoot camera with a panorama feature, of sorts…

/ 25th April 2015
Olympus Trip- AF MD camera

Olympus Trip AF MD, Fully Automatic… more or less

Review of the Olympus Trip AF MD compact point and shoot film camera.

/ 17th April 2015
Yashica Auto-focus camera

Yashica Auto Focus, Does Things its Own Way

Review of the early version Yashica Auto Focus manual wind point and shoot film camera.

/ 17th March 2015