About Point and Shoot Film Cameras

35mm film unrolledMy first memories of point and shoot film cameras (or compact cameras, as they were often called) is as a kid. They were the kind of cameras that we were allowed to play with, whilst the adults had 35mm SLRs or perhaps an old rangefinder.

Of course, point and shoots were more often than not ‘family cameras’. They were used on holidays for snapshots, at birthdays and other special occasions and, for the rest of the time, were consigned to drawers. Most of all, they were cheaper than SLRs and rangefinders.

When I started getting back into film photography, I played around with rangefinders and then bought an SLR, as well as reviving my old SLR from my younger days. It was only a while later that I began to read about point and shoots being used by serious photographers and artists. People like Daido Moriyama, and other street photographers.

I read about supposed ‘premium‘ compact cameras, like the Ricoh GR1, the Contax T range and so on and became intrigued. However, this site is not really about those premium point and shoot cameras – unless I happen to find one of them very cheaply. It’s about cheap P&S cameras that I happen to find in charity shops, garage sales and markets. I started this site for fun and so that I could tell the story about each of these cameras, as and when I get around to using them.

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