Category: Zoom Lens Cameras

The following articles focus on point and shoot film cameras with zoom lenses. The optics in zoom lens compact film cameras have often tended to be not as highly regarded as those in prime lens point and shoot film cameras. That said, they have the advantage of a zoom lens. Generally these zoom cameras are more modern, with few of the vintage point and shoot film cameras being equipped with zoom lenses.

Ricoh RZ-728

Ricoh RZ-728 Compact Zoom Film Camera

The Ricoh RZ-728 is a very compact zoom-lens point and shoot film camera, with a 'real image viewfinder'.

/ 28th May 2015
Ricoh RZ-735 camera

Ricoh RZ-735, Unfulfilled Potential

A brief review of the Ricoh RZ-735 point and shoot compact film camera.

/ 8th February 2015