Category: Prime Lens Cameras

The point and shoot film cameras featured in this category all feature prime lenses. Some people prefer prime lens compact film cameras, as they consider them to have a better optical quality overall. Others prefer the flexibility that zoom lenses provide. In general, it is a personal preference as to whether to use zoom or prime lens point and shoot film cameras.

Black plastic disposable point and shoot film camera, with cyan, yellow and magenta looking stripe pattern.

Disposable Point & Shoot Film Cameras: 2023 Updated Summary Overview

Nearly six years after the initial exploration in 2017 (has it been that long?), we once again find ourselves delving into the world of disposable...

/ 12th June 2023
Kodak Retinette i, Type 030

Kodak Retinette I, Type 030, Vintage Compact Film Camera

Kodak Retinette I, Type 030 is a 1950s vintage 35mm film Camera, with a large viewfinder and a quirky film advance lever.

/ 20th October 2017
Ilford disposable camera

Round-up of, Single-Use, Disposable Film Cameras

Round-up of some 35mm disposable, or single-use, compact point & shoot film cameras, from Ilford, Kodak, Fujifilm and others.

/ 19th September 2017
Polaroid Camera

New Polaroid camera and instant film format

Polaroid is back with a brand new instant camera and instant film range, including colour and black & white, known as Polaroid Originals.

/ 15th September 2017
Polaroid 'The Reporter' Land Camera

Do Digital/Film Hybrid Cameras Change the Rules of Instant Photography?

Many instant film cameras are certainly point & shoot and some are even compact. But how about the newer digital/film hybrid cameras?

/ 23rd May 2017
Agfa point and shoot film camera

Agfa FunCam Motor, with a Large Viewfinder

The Agfa FunCam Motor is an autowind, auto ISO, fixed focus, point & shoot film camera, with a large viewfinder.

/ 1st May 2017
Three Lomography disposable point and shoot film cameras

Lomography Introduces New Disposable Point & Shoot Film Camera

Three brand new 35mm disposable point and shoot compact film cameras released, with three different types of film; black and white, colour, and purple.

/ 19th April 2017
Kodak point and shoot film camera

Kodak S100 EF, Multiple Names & Colours, Same Camera

Kodak S100 EF is one of the many brand names that this basic point and shoot film camera goes under.

/ 8th April 2017

Zeiss Ikon Contina Ib Point & Shoot Film Camera, probably

A beautifully designed and engineered Zeiss Ikon Contina 1b vintage point and shoot film camera.

/ 2nd April 2017