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News about, or affecting, point and shoot film cameras and compact cameras. This might include the announcement of a new, re-released, or withdrawn, 35mm film. It could even be the news of a new point and shoot film camera (we live in hope).

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Point & Shoot Film Cameras Review of the Year, New Films and a Camera

2017 brought us new 35mm camera films and even a new film camera. Overview of point and shoot film camera news and reviews from the...

/ 29th December 2017
Polaroid Camera

New Polaroid camera and instant film format

Polaroid is back with a brand new instant camera and instant film range, including colour and black & white, known as Polaroid Originals.

/ 15th September 2017
Three Lomography disposable point and shoot film cameras

Lomography Introduces New Disposable Point & Shoot Film Camera

Three brand new 35mm disposable point and shoot compact film cameras released, with three different types of film; black and white, colour, and purple.

/ 19th April 2017
Bergger 35mm film box

You Wait for a New Camera Film and then Several Come at Once

Brand new 400 ISO Pancro400 camera film, including DX coding for point and shoot film camera users.

/ 4th March 2017
Ektachrome film carton

Kodak Professional EKTACHROME with Point & Shoot Film Cameras?

Kodak announces re-release of Ektachrome transparency film. Good news for point and shoot film camera photographers?

/ 27th January 2017